Filemaker crosstab report

Lesson 7.3 explores the new charting feature of FileMaker Pro 11 in depth. Lessons 7.4 and 7.5 address two other methods to create reports in FileMaker Pro. First, you will learn how to create a crosstab report, which is a more intuitive format than a subsummary report for analyzing certain types of data. I need a cross tab report similar to an excel pivot table to count the number of activities by persons in a particular category. I don't know how to do this and I've tried multiple methods... Need Filemaker Pro CrossTab Report Help FileMaker Business Intelligence Using Tableau With FileMaker 16 you are now able to connect to a powerful business intelligence software called Tableau that helps people see and understand their data. Tableau is a leader in business intelligence software and has been named a leader 5 years in a r... Conditional summing in FileMaker Pro 14. Ask Question ... Filemaker is not very good at cross-tab reports, Still, here's one way to look at it: ... This document describes the FileMaker® Pro 14 Advanced Database Design Report (DDR) XML output grammar. The DDR XML format is useful for advanced users and developers who want to create tools that analyze or process the structure of databases.