Page of time classpect

classpect-weaponry:. @sylph-of-hope-analysis. I’m sorry for any contribution to the discourse that i added. I often forget that i have an audience (it’s so fucking weird to have an audience), and i forget that words can have as much power as they do. As for synergies, well, the sky’s the limit; dangerous and self-destructive combinations like the Page of Rage, Seer of Time, Seer of Void, Knight of Rage, Knight of Void, Prince of Hope, Prince of Life, Prince of Heart, Bard of Blood, Seer of Doom, Witch of Doom, and more, all of these can be tamed by the Sylph of Mind, almost to the point ... Page of Time: One who Invites Exploitation of Time or one who Invites Exploitation through Time. Pages start with a deficit in their Aspect that they confidently overcome through obvious overcompensation. Their challenge is to keep at it, even if they fail and the journey is slow, for they become the strongest players. A Page of Time would then actually like they totally got a grip on Time, when they really don’t. Active counterpart to Page. Page - One who supplies others with their aspect, like Horuss supplying nothing of use to his team’s efforts, as the Page of Void. Characterized by a very slow growth rate, but loads of potential. Pages can be some of the most powerful players in a session, but they’ll have one hell of a time getting there.