What to write in a card for someone in hospice

Letting People Know Introduction Having to tell other people that someone has died is a very difficult task and even professionals who regularly have to break the news of a death as part of their role never find this easy. Do you need to write a get well card but don't know how to put your thoughts into words? When someone you know is sick or injured, it is nice to provide some comfort and let the person know you're thinking of him. However, many people are at a loss for the best wording to put in a get well card. What To Say, What Not To Say . When we are reaching out to someone who is grieving it is sometimes hard to know what to say. In our own discomfort we fall back on clichés. While well meant, they are usually not helpful and often make the grieving person feel worse. Please Do Not Say: I know just how you feel. Time heals. May 26, 2018 · Many people avoid discussing death. Some of the pain of natural death can be eased when loved ones know the signs and symptoms. The following information is designed to help individuals and families go through the journey of dying — a natural part of life. A surprising number of people at work write nothing at all when faced with the uncomfortable task of writing in response to a death. Regarding the message, if you briefly text back "Thank you for thinking of me," I believe taking that action will help you let go of the negative feeling about it. My son was a young adult who lived thousands of miles from me, and most of the people who knew Jonathan and me were people I’d worked with in Boston years ago. What to Say. Many of them sent emails or hand-written cards or left comments in his Guest Book on www.legacy.com.