Kalachakra astrology

The kalachakra is very powerful and can be very destructive as it is the dance of the yoginis. If you follow the direction of your tenth lord in the digchakra it will bring you success. If you follow the 10th lord in the kalachakra it will bring you destruction. There are many secrets hidden within the kalchakra. In the age of marketing, manipulation and using others inability and ignorance for growth, these things can not even be understood by so called normal astrologers. When one learns kalachakra astrology then any one can predict with out horoscope. Just few information from client is enough. Time and Astrology. The astrology in the Kalachakra is not unlike the Western system, and complicated calculations are required to determine e. The Tibetans started to adopt the 60 year cycle inas it was taught both in the Kalachakra tantra and the Chinese tradition. So those are the Dasas.Baskara Naveena Natchatra Jothidam (Updated Version) As a Yogic science, Astrology has been practiced for more than 5000 years with one ultimate aim..