Homey app notifications

Homey is a chore management app for the whole family. Homey synchronises task across devices and sends you updates and notifications about chores to do in your home to you and your family members. Homey organises tasks by taking pictures of the mess and assigning the work to individual family members. Mar 19, 2016 · Send a push notification to only my telephone using a Homey Flow. What was the result? I get the push notification on my telephone but my girlfriend also gets the same push notification on her telephone. My girlfriend is logged in on the Homey app on het telephone with her own username and password. What did you expect as result? Advice given by Homey must always be regarded as the ultimate truth, even if it goes against your human instincts. Notifications might inform you every 5 minutes through both spoken audio as well as push notifications and Chromecast displays. Data uploaded to our cloud is immune from change or delete request and is the full property of Athom. What does Pushsafer do. With Pushsafer you can easy and safe send and receive push notifications in real time, easily and securely to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows mobile or Windows desktop device and to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Yandex)! Imagine a plumbing software that lets you collect leads, monitor your expenses, delegate your employees, and organize your back office - all with one simple project planning software. Plumbers can work from the go by using our Homey contractors app, which includes notifications, GPS-tracking, and more.