Popping in rear when accelerating

This issue has gotten progressively more noticeable over the last few weeks/miles driven. On acceleration, usually starting in 3rd gear, I notice a consistent tapping/clicking noise from what seems to be the front passenger side of the car. It is NOT speed or RPM dependent, although it seems to occur above 2500 rpm. Jun 01, 2009 · not sure if its coming from the rear end or trans or transfer case? Noise is only there during acceleration from a dead stop. Also did notice slack at u-joints when turning them by hand, but u-joints are tight. The slack is one of the three.. rear end, trans or transfer case, but not sure which... Rear clunk/popping noise intermittently when first accelerating (not the axle click!). I have a well maintained 2006 350z Enthusiast M/T (with non-power leather seats somehow...) with about 50k miles on it. Re: Clicking/Cracking Noise when Accelerating Only Apr 08 2012, 8:52pm I'm not sure how they are bolted or welded on a Silverado but years ago I had a Monte Carlo that sounded the same and it turned out to be some loose bolts holding the flywheel. Loud popping from front left under acceleration... I've got a loud popping noise from the front left of my X5 under acceleration away from a stop. It's not a single pop - but a continuous series of pops - say four or five in rapid succession.