Usaid transformation

Participant Training Working Group is a platform for USAID implementing partners to collaborate, network, learn and share best practices to ensure compliance with USAID participant training regulations. This group meets on a quarterly basis in Islamabad and bi-annually in Karachi. Feb 28, 2019 · USAID is in the implementation phase of the transformation, the administrator said. USAID Contracting Vehicles to Leverage Sector Existing USAID IDIQ Contracting Vehicles Contract Name Contract # Summary of Services Geography End Date Infrastructure & Capital Projects USAID Clean Energy IDIQ for Non-Critical Priority Countries AID-OAA-I-13-00018 Implement USA Government initiatives in the energy sector Non-critical priority USAID Transformation Update ABOUT THIS EVENT PSC invites you to join USAID for a conversation on the Journey to Self-Reliance two years in, updates on the Effective Partnership and Procurement Reform Initiative, and the second round of USAID’s country roadmaps. The RM Training area is a collection of training materials: files, images and links related to Natural Resource Management, across sectors, at a landscape level. If you are interested in posting to the training area, please contact the portal administrator ([email protected]) or your sponsoring organization's manager.